ATP Widebaffle

Widebaffle is an acoustic baffle for use in large spaces. It is ideal for reducing the reverberation time and airborne noise in gyms, pools, cafeterias, churches, schools, nightclubs, metal buildings and multi-purpose rooms.

It is easy to fit and can be installed in different aesthetic combinations. The baffles are typically suspended from the ceilings but may also be used as acoustic wall panels.

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Widebaffle – Absorption Panel

Made of self-extinguishing M1 fire retardant recyclable acoustic foam which is UV protected or melamine acoustic foam. This material has been specifically developed and tested for its acoustic properties. Unlike many other products available it is not ‘furniture grade’ foam and it will not turn green after a few months in situ. It is a unique, high quality, controlled cell material.

This product can be mounted on walls and ceilings due to its low weight.

Two different profiles are available WBF (for ceilings) and WLS (for walls and ceilings)

Technical Data
  • 1200 x 600 x 80mm (1kg)
  • Average NRC=0.87 [>250Hz; <10kHz]
  • Fire resistance: standard foam B,s3,d1 and melamine foam B,s1,d0
  • αW=0.80
  • Absorption Class B
  • 100% recyclable