Lexicon MPX200

Lexicon MPX 200 refurbished.



Lexicon MPX200

A superb example of a Lexicon MPX200. We have refurbished the internal power supply and replaced the faulty encoder. According to Lexicon this was the very last original encoder that they had in their spares bin so we were rather fortunate to obtain it.

From what we understand these older 4Bit gray Lexicon encoders were problematic and rather unreliable and after taking the original one apart to try and repair we can see why that may have been. They have two sets of three very fine wire contacts which, when the encoder is frantically twisted left and right end up catching on themselves and bend making repair almost impossible.

This brand new encoder should keep this unit going for some time to come especially if the user takes it easy on the encoder when turning it.

There are some scratches to the top and bottom of the case but the front panel is in almost mint condition.

Standard kettle plug power.

It’s a great bit of kit.