Door Sides and Top

When sealing a door you need a seal for each left and right hand side of the frame and one for along the top (or head). If you want to retrofit an acoustic door seal to an existing frame then surface mount is the way to go. The alternative, which does look neater, but requires more work, is to rebate the seal into the frame.


The 7001 is a good lightweight general purpose compression seal.

The 7090 is an excellent, heavy duty, fully adjustable seal of a similar design but much larger.

If the doors are swing doors then you will need a seal for where the doors meet (meeting stiles). The 7070 and 7061 are suitable for this application but make sure to check which one is suitable depending on which leaf is active or not.

Magnetic Seals

For recording studio applications the often preferred seal type is the magnetic one. These can provide a positive airtight seal but remember that you either need to source your own steel strip for the door face or use one of our 6011 Magnetic keeper strips, rebated in the door face, for magnet to magnet contact which is even stronger. The 6001 magnetic door seal is surface mounted.

For meeting stiles of swing doors or for sliding doors our 6002 magnetic door seal can be used. This is rebated into the door.

Self Adhesive Seals

A very quick and cheap fix for the sides and top is the 1212. This still needs to be used in conjunction with a suitable threshold seal to provide good results.

Door Thresholds

When you have sealed the sides and top of the door you will need to look into sealing the door bottom where the gap is usually the largest. This is where acoustic threshold seals are used.

There are generally two types for this. Compression and automatic drop down. The automatic seals have a small ‘button’ which when engaged as the door closes pushes the internal sealing strip down against the floor plate.

Our 8001 threshold seal is available in a range of lengths which are cut-downable to the next size below to fit most door widths. The 4001 threshold plate can be used on the floor as can a timber threshold.