Acoustic fabric Cara

An open weave acoustically transparent acoustic fabric for covering acoustic absorption material.

Min. order is 5 linear metres off the roll (can be ordered in 1m increments after 5m).

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Acoustic Fabric Cara

Acoustic fabric Cara is an open weave type and allows sound to enter acoustic products, materials and absorbers placed behind the fabric.

These fabrics are not suitable for sound insulation applications.

This product is not an acoustic absorber or a significant acoustically absorbent fabric, it is nominally acoustically ‘transparent’.

Technical specification

  • Composition:  100% Polyolefin.
  • Weight:  220g/m² ±5%
  • Width:  170cm ±2% usable
  • Maintenance:  Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Flammability:  BS 476 Part7 Class 1 Adhered, BS EN 1021 – 1 : 1994 (cigarette), EN 13501-1 Adhered B,s2,d0
  • Thickness: approx 0.7mm
  • Minimum order quantity – 5 linear meters

Ordering 5m means a five linear metre length, off a main roll, at 1.7m wide. This means a total of 8.5m2.

The main roll lengths can vary, generally around 50m. Your order may be supplied on two or more ‘rolls’ depending on quantity.

Acoustic fabric cara

We have a short article about acoustic fabrics which may be useful reading.