Acoustic flanking strip 160m

Acoustic flanking strip packs for maintaining acoustic isolation of flooring perimeters.



Acoustic Flanking Strip

Acoustic flanking strip is essential when constructing acoustic walls, floors or ceilings that the rigid boards do not come into contact with the existing structure. If they do, then noise will be transferred at the junction.

Although it is possible to simply leave a gap, it is far better to ensure there is no contact by using an acoustic flanking strip. Depending on the application, and design build-up, this strip can generally be used either way around although sometimes it may need to be trimmed before the sealant is applied. It measures 25x45mm internally and should be used where:

We can also supply wider/deeper strips to special order, please contact us for further details.

  • plasterboard needs to be kept away from the floor and/or walls
  • plasterboard on resilient bars needs to be kept away from the walls
  • acoustic flooring needs to be kept away from the walls
  • skirting needs to be kept away from the flooring

‘L’ profile – Supplied in 2m lengths – pack of 160m
(profile 50mm x 30mm x 5mm)