Clutch adjustable ceiling suspension cable kit

Ceiling wire suspension solution for acoustic panels. Fully adjustable complete kits or just components.



Clutch adjustable ceiling suspension cable kit

Our clutch adjustable ceiling suspension kit is a discreet solution for suspending acoustic panels.

The ‘kit’ comes complete with the following:

  • a gates safety hook
  • bullet cover
  • 1m or 2m, 1.5mm diameter galvanised steel wire
  • spiral screw suitable for a 40mm thick panel

The hook can support 17kg and, as the wire exits the bottom, it can be used with multiple hooks to create a daisy chain configuration. (17kg maximum per wire recommended). The hooks are self locking with a finger-tip release clutch to adjust the height.

Additional hooks and spiral screws can be purchased separately.

Also available in black which is ideal for ‘hiding’ in certain applications.

Technical Drawing