EMU Drumulator

EMU Drumulator – classic vintage drum machine with MIDI

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EMU Drumulator

An almost pristine EMU Drumulator, fully working. All tact switches are good. One very minor ‘blemish’ on the front panel white line but that’s it as far as we can see. Has factory MIDI installed so is a later version. The PSU has been refurbished along with a new 5V power transistor. As far as we can ascertain all factory board updates from the service manual are complete on this unit. It has had a new battery installed. All tact switches have been either cleaned or replaced. The two pots are still a little ‘scratchy’ but as most people would use individual outputs we didn’t deem this an issue worth risking the board for and once the levels are ‘set’ it’s fine.

It is a classic piece of retro drum machine and sounds great that is in excellent condition.

Due to value and age we would prefer customer collection. We can package it well but there is still the chance the ‘package’ will get thrown around by the courier and there is a small chance a ROM chip may come loose or a connector may come loose etc etc. Although more expensive we would perhaps prefer to ship this on a pallet so we know it would stay ‘secure’. In any case you can discuss options with us, depending on where you may be based.

A PDF version of the EMU Drumulator user manual can be found on this link.