Modular industrial noise enclosures

Modular industrial noise enclosures for easy assembly onsite. Can be supplied with doors, windows and even ventilation. Totally bespoke.

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Modular Industrial Noise Enclosures

  • Industry
  • Factories
  • Fast installation
  • Modular
  • Highly durable
  • Fire rated to B,s1,d0
  • Known insertion loss
  • Internal absorbent walls

Modular industrial noise enclosures are bespoke and offer simple self assembly. They can be used to protect the environment and noise sensitive locations from excessive machine / plant noise.

Available with acoustic doors, ventilation and windows if required. All components are designed to slot into place based on the 450mm wide main panel footprint.

Product Data

Enclosure: Made from self-supporting modular panels, acoustic door and window.

Behaviour: Acoustic isolation and internal absorption

Industrial noise enclosure dimensions: Any size

Conformity: Health observation protocol specified for workers exposed to noise with reference to ISO 6189: 1983

Exterior: 1mm flat lacquered plate

Absorbent: Mineral fibre with black tissue facing

Interior: 0.5mm multi-perforated plate

Finish: grey – similar to RAL 9002

Supplied: Modular

For external enclosures that require a high degree of waterproofing it is recommended to install a light-weight waterproofed corrugated type roof over the enclosure.

Exploded view of simple installation

modular acoustic enclosures using AC80 panels
modular acoustic noise enclosures using AC80 panels

Other finish trims can be used if the roof section was to sit directly ontop of the AC80 panel. For larger enclosures internal steels may be required for structural support.

Noise enclosure installation trims
AC80 Installation Trim Options

  • Sound reduction index Rw(C; Ctr) (dB): 32 (-1;-6)
  • Weighted acoustic absorption coefficient αw: 1.00
  • Absorption class: A
  • Reaction to fire: B,s1,d0 according to AITEX no. 08AN0311
  • Acoustic test report: APPLUS No. 06/3230085

Internal Structural Support Steels

For larger enclosures an internal steel support frame may be required for supporting the roof and bracing the walls.

This is especially relevant if silencers were to be roof mounted, which they often are, in external plant applications.

If the enclosure is inside a factory steel support is not usually required unless the size exceeds 4m(w) x 6m (w) x 4m(h).

If the enclosure it external the maximum size before support steels are required would be 3m x 3m x 4m(h) (unless any silencers are roof mounted).

External Roof Protection

For external applications a lightweight waterproof roof covering is recommended.

AC80 Industrial Noise Enclosure Roof Options

Roof trim options noise enclosure

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Project Images

small industrial acoustic enclosure
External noise enclosure with door and silencers
Modular industrial noise enclosures AC80 noise enclosure with silencers
AC80 noise enclosure with silencers

Noise enclosure on roof

Modular industrial noise enclosures AC80 noise enclosure booth in factory
AC80 noise enclosure booth in factory
Modular industrial noise enclosures AC80 noise enclosure booth in factory
AC80 noise enclosure booth in factory with conveyor opening