Perforated Industrial Noise Absorber

Perforated steel sound absorption panels for industrial applications. Quick and easy to install. Highly efficient Class A performance with Class0 fire rating. Ideal for lining plant rooms, test bays, machine shops.

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Perforated Industrial Plant Room Lining Panels

Perforated Industrial Noise Absorber Panels – AC-50 is a high specification, multi-perforated, galvanised, pre-lacquered acoustic panel with holes of different sizes.

These panels are designed to reduce noise and reverberation problems inside factories, plant rooms, workshops, test bays, sports halls, swimming pools and other industrial or sports type environments that require hard wearing surfaces.

The panels are very durable and resistant to impact, as well as being simple and quick to install.

All component parts of the system can be modified on site to suit easy installation.

These industrial noise control absorber panels are comprised of a 70kg/m³ mineral wool core, faced with a black film and then enclosed in an acoustic perforated steel tray sheet. This forms an acoustic panel which is both decorative and durable.

All fixing channels are of light gauge steel. As the panels are held in place by the fixing trims it is fairly easy to re-use them elsewhere if needed as assembly and disassembly is easy.

industrial acoustic panels


These panels allow you to obtain excellent sound reduction combined with a tough durable perforated steel finish. Ideally suited for use in factories, machine rooms, test areas, workshops, sports halls and swimming pools.

They can also be used externally against building façades. Some water can enter the panels, through the perforated face, in exposed external applications. This will not cause a problem but we suggest that in these situations the panels are only used vertically and small drainage holes are drilled into the bottom ‘U’ trims, one for each 350mm-wide section. This will allow any excess water to exit efficiently at the bottom.

Nom. dimensions

Panels: 3000mm x 350mm or shorter 2500 x 350mm
Thickness: 50mm
U Channels: 3000mm in length

Acoustic performance

Absorption Class A when surface mounted


Light grey (similar to RAL 9002).



Fire rating

B,s1,d0 (Class 0)


Perforated metal panel facing can be cut using metal snips, and the insulation core with a sharp knife


Panels can be wiped with a clean cloth

Perforated Industrial Noise Panels

Surface Finish

Perforated Industrial Noise Panels

Assembly Channels

AC50 installation and finish trims

General Installation

AC50 installation trims 3D

Usually the IP50/01 are fixed in place and the AC50 slot into them. The ends and top can then be finished with the IP50/01.

Alternatively The IP50/01 can be used for all four sides to provide for the same visual ‘border’ look.

If panels need to extend longer than 3m then the IP50/03 are used as joining sections.

The IP50/01 are used for framing the panels around openings.

plant room lined with AC50
plant room lined with AC50
AC50 generator room acoustic lining
AC50 generator room acoustic lining
AC50 installed on a factory ceiling
AC50 installed on a factory ceiling
AC50 installed in a film studio
AC50 installed in a film studio