Printed Image Acoustic Panels

Prosonic Printed FG Acoustic Panels have a rigid, acoustic-rated, high quality Class0 fibreglass core with a digitally printed image fabric covering.


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Printed Image Acoustic Panels

Printed image acoustic panels are an efficient, durable, cost-effective solution for reducing excessive reverberation.

Particularly useful in spaces requiring excellent aesthetics.

  • Available in standard and custom sizes
  • 25mm or 40mm thick
  • Class A, B or C
  • Class 0 fire rated
  • Schools
  • Studios
  • Offices
  • Theatres
  • Auditoriums
  • Churches
  • BB93 solutions

Printed Image Acoustic Panels are all custom made and available with a digitally printed acoustic fabric face.

Virtually any image can be used as long as the aspect ratio is maintained and the resolution is high enough for the panel size. We require images with at least 360dpi with a similar aspect ratio to the panel you require.

We can also print a single image across multiple panels as can be seen in the example. Sometimes a shadow gap is best between panels as close fitting next to each other with certain images can be slightly problematic in mm perfect image alignment due to the very slight ‘give’ in the fabric.

Generally, images need to be around 360DPI for best results and in the same aspect ratio as the panel size chosen. Landscape or portrait.

Additionally, if you require a bespoke size…let us know…we can do it.

Acoustic Performance

Printed Image Acoustic Panels acoustics

View more examples in our Projects Section

village hall acoustic panels