RAFT50 Resilient Floor Tape – High Performance

RAFT50 open cell natural rubber based isolation tape with peel off adhesive backing.



Resilient Floor Tape – High Performance RAFT50

RAFT50 resilient floor tape is an acoustic isolation strip. It is used for reducing sound transfer by isolating partitioning or party walls in all forms of construction where there is any point of contact.

This is not EPDM or Neoprene it is much denser and better suited for higher loadings and therefore provides for better longevity.

Does not go brittle or degrade like neoprene under constant load.

Lafarge, Siniat, GTEC compatible.

An Open Cell Natural Rubber with excellent loading and recovery properties, mainly used as a superior material for fixing to joist tops before floating T&G chipboards etc.

  • Stud work isolation
  • Joist isolation
  • Batten isolation
  • New build / refurbishment
  • CFC HFC free

Ideal for fixing to the bottom of wooden battens / joists for DIY resilient batten applications.

As standard we stock it at 50mm thick but can produce to different widths, subject to a minimum order quantity.

Technical Specification
Colour Black (may be subject to change)
Compression deflection at 25% Medium 5-10 PSI
Compression set 50% deflection @ 70C 15% maximum
Accelerated ageing % change in compression deflection @ 70% 20%
Temperature range -40°C to +80°C
Density average 390kg/m3 +/-10%
Tensile strength 280kPa
Elongation 250%
Roll length 12m
Roll width 50mm
Roll thickness 6mm

RAFT50 isolation tape

RAFT50 isolation tape for floor battens

RAFT50 isolation tape for joist tops