Studiomaster Mixdown 24:8

Studiomaster Mixdown Recording Console

We have this unit in at the moment for a total refurbishment and repair.


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Studiomaster Mixdown

An old classic vintage analogue mixing console which has seen better days which is in for repair and refurb.

It is rusted out, most of the pots don’t even turn, but the main faders are high quality rail type Alps so will easily clean up and work perfectly.

Dirty pots and knobs

All the knobs were removed for cleaning as well as to allow for removal of the internal circuit boards. This desk is not modular by design, which means each channel is individually removable but not with its own front panelwork. Every knob and nut for that channel needs to be disassembled.

Mouldy arm rests

These took some work to kill off the mould and get the vinyl back to a shiny smooth finish.

Mouldy PSU crimps

All the metal work was resprayed after rust treatment. The crimps were all cleaned up and the PSU was refurbished.

Front panel ready for cleaning

Once the internal boards were removed the panel was ready for some serious cleaning.

The finished article

Sadly these old analogue consoles are not in demand these days. The community spirit of the band all lending a hand to the mixing process a past memory. But many hours of work, new pots, new switches, cleaned pots, cleaned faders, resprayed metalwork, new screws, vinyl work, few replacement sockets, some trimmer presets, opamps, crimps, PSU rebuild, wiring loom repair and she looks and works great again. For MIDI or keyboard type applications this Studiomaster can have up to 40 line inputs to a stereo buss output.