Treadmill Vibration Isolation Pads

The pads are a mix of vibration isolators made from a superior combination of vibration damping materials. By combining ultra-high performance elastomers with bearing plates, outstanding vibration isolation values are achieved for the most problematic equipment



Treadmill Vibration Isolation Pads

Treadmill vibration isolation pads are designed to reduce the structural vibrations caused by harmonic excitation when running. They also reduce noise caused by the rotation of the integrated motor that drives the treadmill belt.

Measurements show that treadmills have a main excitation frequency of around 18Hz.

If this corresponds to the natural frequency of the floor/ceiling then the vibrations are also amplified by the resonance. This can causes significant noise problems.

Treadmill isolation pads

Time signal

Acoustic effectiveness based on third octave spectrum


Through the use of high-damping elastic treadmill supports, the acting vibrations can be reduced by up to 33%. The vibration-isolation effect of the elastic PU material used reduces noise levels by up to 8dB (for running speeds of 8km/h) and 11dB (for running speeds of 12km/h) – effectively reducing them by half.

Application guidelines

Place one pad under each of the four treadmill feet. The floor under the treadmill should be clean and free of debris and all machine cords should have some free play.

Ensure the larger front pads are installed in the front and the smaller rear pads are installed at the back of the unit. Lift the equipment according to the manufacturer’s specifications and use proper safety procedures. Lower the treadmill into place and ensure that the foot is centered on the mounts.

Please Note: These units are specifically engineered for solid concrete floors. Using them on timber floors may not provide the levels of low frequency isolation stated. There may also be secondary issues with sympathetic vibrations when using a treadmill and isolator on a timber floor.

Technical drawings

Treadmill anti vibration feet