Gym weight stack isolation washers

These acoustic washers made from Sylomer® have been designed for the insulation of gymnasium machinery. They are mainly used for impact insulation of weight stacks or weight plates.



Gym weight plate isolation washers

As in the name, these acoustic isolation washers are simply to help reduce the thump of weights hitting the base plate.

It is essential to make sure the weight stack is supported with a rigid safety buffer whilst installing these washers.

Type Colour Static Load (kg) Thickness (mm) Code
Washer SR-110 Brown 30 12 707824
Brown 30 25 707819
Washer SR-220 Red 50 12 707825
Red 50 25 707820
Washer SR-450 Grey 100 12 707826
Grey 100 25 707821

Dynamic Loadings and choosing suitability:

When the weights are sat at rest, the loadings on the washers will be static. It will be whatever the stack of weights weigh above. However, as the weights come down onto the washers there is an additional Dynamic Force, over and above the static load, which must be taken into account.

We suggest the following combinations, of four washers, spread over two guide bars:

0kg-75kg 75kg-130kg 130kg-220kg
Brown Red Grey
+ + +
Red Grey Grey