Acoustic channel clip

The Akustik Channel Clip has been specifically designed to directly connect with the standard British Gypsum (and other similar) MF5 ‘top hat’ metal furring channels which are widely available.

No proprietary furring channels required.

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Acoustic channel clip

This low profile acoustic channel clip design provides space saving for both acoustic walls and suspended ceiling installations, fixing in place is quick and easy thanks to a single central fastener. The ‘top hat’ channel is simply pressed in to place and secured via 2x screws (optional) for extra security.

Designed for use with standard BG MF5 type furring channels.

Noise and vibration is decoupled by the use of Sylomer®, a proven material that provides exceptional acoustic results and unrivaled long term durability. The metal components provide an overload-proof and fail safe design, factors which are particularly important where resistance to fire or shock is necessary.

The maximum loading per clip is 15kg.

The Sylomer® damping material is superior to the standard rubbers that most other similar clips use which comes from, and is made, in China. All components of this product are made in Europe. You are unlikely to find genuine tested Load Deflection and Natural Frequency plots from the copycat products made in China.

Mininum order 100 clips.

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