SRS spring anti-vibration hangers

These acoustic hangers have been designed for the suspension of heavy suspended acoustic ceilings or machines that rotate at low frequency. Ideal for heavy weight recording studio suspended acoustic ceilings or room-in-a-room designs.

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SRS spring anti-vibration hangers

SRS spring anti-vibration hangers are manufactured in 6 different steel spring models to adapt optimal for each application.

Their rugged metal parts withstand can tensile stresses. They are supplied with an anti-corrosive treatment that can resist tensile stresses up to 1,000Kg withstand the toughest environments.

6 different spring types allow for each model of mount to be individually loaded with the following: 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 and 150Kg.

Please note: we have a huge variety of different ‘types’ of these. Too many to really list here. Whatever option or variation you may require chances are we either have it, or can do, it so please ask us.

Technical Drawings

SRS spring anti-vibration hangers

TYPE Max. Load (kg) Spring colour Code
SRS25+Sylomer® 25 Black 23546
SRS50+Sylomer® 50 Blue 23547
SRS75+Sylomer® 75 Grey 23551
SRS100+Sylomer® 100 Beige 23548
SRS125+Sylomer® 125 White 23549
SRS150+Sylomer® 150 Black 23550