Acoustik1 Low

A direct fix acoustic ceiling hanger designed for loads between 15kg and 75kg per mount.

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Akustik1 Low+Sylomer®

This wide range of acoustic hangers has been designed for the suspension of acoustic ceilings, vibrating pipelines and machinery that has to be suspended.

The excellent properties of the Sylomer® microcellular polyurethane material achieve superior isolation values as compared to other mounts that use rubber or cork, or a combination of both.

These antivibration mounts are manufactured in two special mixes of Sylomer® to adapt better to the load of each application.

A variety of metal body and fixing elements allows for the installation to be highly adaptable for each type of project. Their rugged metal parts can withstand tensile stresses from 650Kg to 1,000Kg. They are supplied with an anticorrosive treatment that can withstand the toughest environments.

The fixing flanges are designed for a direct fix to the timber or concrete substrate.

Please note: we have a huge variety of different ‘types’ of these. Too many to really list here. Whatever option or variation you may require chances are we either have it, or can do, it so please ask us.