Acoustic Circular Silencers

Circular industrial noise silencers constructed with a mineral wool absorbent material covered with perforated metal sheet with an exterior cover of seamed sheet metal.

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Acoustic Circular acoustic silencers / attenuators

Modular Acoustic Circular Silencers are designed to reduce the noise produced by fans from transmitted through ductwork.

Supplied in a wide range of standard and bespoke sizes.

For connection to circular ventilation ductwork pipes manufactured with helicoid seams. Ideal for ventilation and smoke extraction units etc.

The smaller length and diameter versions are particularly suited for reducing cross-talk noise.

This is often found in office environments where adjacent rooms share the same supply ducting. In these situations conversations in one room can easy carry down the ducting into the adjacent room if no silencers are fitted.


Technical Data
Cover Seamed galvanised sheet metal
Interior absorbent Mineral wool
Options Elastic mouth, special flanges, supports, flat exterior sheet metal
Principle Flow through absorbent
Max. applicable pressure 200 mm.c.d.a. (1961Pa)
Insulation 50 or 100mm
Interior Perforated metal sheet

Modular Acoustic Circular Silencers

Silencer Elbows

Ideal for use in those ventilation systems where the installation of straight silencers is not possible, or as a complement to them. There are different angles available depending on requirements 30, 45, 60 and 90°. Energy losses are less than 30Pa. To avoid the generation of turbulent noise it is recommended not to work at airflow velocities over 10 m/s.

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Modular Acoustic Circular Silencers
Large cylinder acoustic silencers on rooftop outlets