Commercial Hand Dryer Anti-Vibration Brackets

Vibration Isolation brackets for wall mounted commercial hand dryers to reduce structural noise transmission.

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Commercial Hand Dryer Anti-Vibration Brackets

Commercial hand dryers can often transmit large amounts of noise due to their physical connection to a stud type wall.

This tends to amplify the noise which is subsequently re-radiated onto the other side of the wall.

These vibration isolation brackets can significantly reduce this problem as they provide a means of breaking the rigid mounting connection.

They may not be suitable for every type of wall mounted hand dryer in the market place. Some may require the dryer to be mounted to a rigid board, with the board fixed to the isolation brackets initially.

Type Max. permanent load PER MOUNT (kg) M Code
WF-5 2.5 – 5 M6
WF10 5 – 10 M6
WF15 10 -15 M6

The design of theseanti-vibration suspension hangers is composed of:

  • 1. Metal parts that are mechanically fail-safe, subject to suitable loadings.
  • 2. A threaded M6 or M8 nut receiver.
  • 3. Two different sylomer layers to provide mechanical decoupling.
  • 4. Three different sylomer grades to accommodate a range of loadings.

speaker-wall-isolation-bracket-isometric drawing


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