Wall Speaker anti-vibration brackets

Isolation brackets for wall mounted speakers to reduce structural noise transmission.

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Wall Speaker anti-vibration brackets

This anti-vibration mount offers vibration control for wall mounted speakers.

The brackets are designed to handle vertical shear loads.

They are designed to disconnect the rigid OEM speaker bracket from the wall structure.

For most OEM speaker brackets four isolation clips are required, although in some cases two may be adequate, depending on the load.

In some cases an OEM wall bracket may require additional mounting holes to be drilled.




Type Max. permanent load PER MOUNT (kg) M Code
WF-5 2.5 – 5 M6
WF10 5 – 10 M6
WF15 10 -15 M6

The design of these Speaker anti-vibration suspension hangers is composed of:

  • 1. Metal parts that are mechanically fail-safe, subject to suitable loadings.
  • 2. A threaded M6 or M8 nut receiver.
  • 3. Two different sylomer layers to provide mechanical decoupling.
  • 4. Three different sylomer grades to accommodate a range of loadings.



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