Stud500 Studwork Isolation Mount

For effective acoustic decoupling of studwork and boarding from the structure.

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Stud500 Studwork Isolation Mounts

Stud500 Studwork isolation mount is particularly suited for high performance acoustic partitions.

Designed for loads of up to 60kg per piece.

The 35mm Sylomer ‘tongue’ can be easily cut and a longer s65 tongue option is also available if extra width is required.

Secured with pre-drilled holes.

The metal footprint is 105 x 48mm with a total height of 21.5mm. The pre-holes are a 6mm diameter.

The trimable Sylomer tongue is designed to support, and isolate, the plasterboard and other layers as well.

Stud500 Studwork Isolation Mount should be used to isolate the stud head tracks and side wall tracks as well.

The S35 version has a 35mm tongue and is suitable for double plasterboard and an acoustic membrane with little or no trimming required. The S65 can accommodate far deeper buildups.

Each Stud500 Studwork Isolation mount can take a load of up to 60kg.

Mount spacing will depend on the mass of the overall wall. For example a single skin double plasterboard wall with an acoustic membrane would weigh approx. 35kg/m². At 2400mm high this would equate to about 100kg, so two mounts minimum would be needed to cover 1200mm wide but to also support the track (and verticals) it would be better so use 600mm spacings. If the wall is heavier, or double skinned, you would need to reduce to 300-450mm spacings depending on overall mass.

MAXIMUM screw thread length for into the top plate is 10mm otherwise the isolation mount will be shorted.


Stud500 Studwork Isolation Mount

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Stud500 Studwork Isolation Mount