Tecsound SY50 Acoustic Membrane

A self-adhesive heavy weight, damp limp mass tecsound 50 acoustic membrane. Easy to cut and apply.



Tecsound SY50 Acoustic Membrane 

Product Description – Tecsound SY50

Tecsound SY50 acoustic membrane is a polymer-based, asphalt-free, high density, synthetic soundproofing membrane.

It provides good acoustic insulation in different building elements.

Tecsound SY50 has extremely high visco-elasticity.

Tecsound SY50 is extremely flexible even in cold temperatures.

This material has excellent sound insulating properties. Many construction materials and techniques do not provide enough damping.

Rigid sheet materials such as plasterboard absorb little sound energy. This is because they tend to vibrate and re-radiate sound on the other side quite effectively.

However, Tecsound SY50 acoustic membrane has tremendous density and mass while remaining extremely flexible.

It is acoustically better than lead of the same surface mass, so will help absorb sound energy far more efficiently.

While some systems rely on visco-elastic glues to provide damping the results achieved will vary greatly depending on the application of the glue. Is it too thick? Is it too thin? Has it been applied evenly and consistently?

Visco-elastic glues do not add any extra mass to a system and at the end of the day the best way to reduce bass transmission is by having a heavyweight, heavily damped, mass/spring system.

Tecsound acoustic membranes provide the best of both worlds: high additional mass and high damping that can be applied uniformly over 100% of the area to be treated.

Ideal width for sticking to plasterboard sheet

Specification Value
Weight 5kg/m2 (± 0.05mm)
Roll size 6m x 1.22m (7.32m2)
Density 1.9/cm3 (± 0.05mm)
Pliability (UEAtc) Does not break when bent at -20oC
Elongation (UNE 104-281/6.6) 300%
Crushing Strength 4.84kg/cm2
Fire Resistance Euroclass B, s2, d0 (Class0 UK equivalent)
Continuous operating temperature 70oC (short term 100oC)
Melting Point 140oC
Thermal Conductivity 0.450 W/mK
Airborne Acoustic Performance (5kg/m2) Rw26dB (Applus 17/14409-898)
Impact Acoustic Performance (10kg/m2) under 50mm concrete ΔLw16dB

Important: The material itself remains flexible down to -20°C; however the adhesive backing on the self-adhesive version (SY50) will degrade if left in temperatures approaching zero.