Small Machine Anti-Vibration Mounts

Sylomer based machinery anti-vibration isolation pads ideally suited for loadings of 7.5kg to 25kg.

Far superior to standard rubber products.

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Small machine anti-vibration mounts

This Sylomer® material is often used as an alternative to Sorbothane.

Sylomer® is a highly efficient, microcellular, resilient polyurethane compound. It is oil resistant with a temperature range of -30°C to +70°C.

These small machine anti-vibration mounts are fixed via the internal threaded nut. A range of densities are available for a wide range of loads. Where a mechanical fix is not possible the mounts can still be used, in many applications, because the top rubber bonded to the metal plate acts as an anti-skid surface.

Min. Max. load is PER MOUNT. To select the correct type you need to take the total machine weight, divide that by the number of mounts to be used, then use the table below to make sure there is no overload whilst also maintaining a minimum loading for isolation efficiency.

small machine antivibration mounts




Type Deflection, mm
Max. Load, kg Natural freq, Hz
SMM 55 1.6 7.5 13.6
SMM 110 2 15 11.7
SMM220 2.1 25 11.5

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