Vintage Synth / FX Repair


We offer service/maintenance/ repair and refurbishment of older recording equipment (generally pre SMT). Please contact us for further information.

The list below are many items we have had through the workshop.

Battery replacement is an essential requirement of a lot of kit because if it leaks then it can cause serious damage to the circuit board and components close by. When the kits open it’s often prudent to carry out some preventative/refurbishment measures.


Vintage Synth / FX Repair

Pending Inventory:

Alesis Quadraverb

BEL BD80 with 8 second expansion

BEL BD2400

Korg SDD2000

Korg Volca

Yamaha SPX90 Mk11

Yamaha SPX900

Yamaha D1500

Yamaha FB01

Yamaha REV100

Yamaha TX81Z

Yamaha CS15

Yamaha CS30

Roland DEP5

Roland SVC350 Vocoder

Roland SPH323 Phaser

Roland SDE1000

Roland SDE3000

Roland SDE2500

Digitech Vocalist

Digitech DSP 256

Klark Technik DN60


Roland SRV2000

Armon Super Piano

Pollard Syndrum

Roland D50

EMU Emax

Roland Juno 6

Studiomaster 16:8:16 mixer

Digitech GSP

Neptune Spectrum analyser

Nagra  tape machine